Sodibar Systems
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Founded in 1948 in Washington DC, Sodibar® Systems' customer base was the neighborhood drug store and the local tavern. Like many companies started after World War II, the owner was the entire staff. After several years of playing the role of installer, service technician and deliveryman Sodibar® Systems hired it's first employee. With the economy booming and America expanding into the suburbs during the late 1950, the food service industry began to grow. There was major growth potential and Sodibar® Systems was there to handle it. Now servicing Washington, Maryland, and Virginia from several facilities headquartered in Hyattsville, Maryland, we install not only soda dispensers but also wine, liquor, beer, juice, and condiment equipment.

Sodibar® Systems 5801 Arbor Street Hyattsville, MD 20781 301-322-3500